After receiving many email inquiries from customers & readers asking my opinion on the confusing claims of many, many producers of pet pain remedies—-I directed the staff to research the various claims and promises presented on the Internet. The short version is this:

We found that there are currently 11 web sites that currently promote pet pain relief solutions. We then conducted an in depth evaluation of each of them.
We utilized an evaluation system that employs a 5 Key Point Evaluation Criteria, as follows:

Length of time the product has been sold

Verifiable references

Customer Service

Guarantee of satisfaction

Privacy Protection

Here’s what we found out…
Our results were highly disappointing. Most of the sites failed to meet even 2 of the above criteria. Quite a few were individuals involved in multi level marketing (MLM) programs, who did not offer the professional presence that one should expect when putting a health substance in their pet’s body. Several refused to participate in providing answers to a few simple questions, or could not provide a live voice answering their phone during business hours. Many did not even respond to our written request to submit a paragraph explaining & proving how their product worked.

Many sites offered written references, but when asked to verify them, they refused to do so, making us wonder if they were really the words of their favorite brother- in-law. A few even scored a ZERO on this 5 Key Point Evaluation System, and were, in fact, little more than scams.

An incredibly high percentage of the web sites demonstrated the following defects and problems:

Outdated Information

Non-working Links

Links that lead to other parent company sites

No help section

No live support

However, as in all businesses, there were a few that we found to pass our Evaluation. Of those two, only one scored a perfect 5, in our Key Point Evaluation Criteria. The only one that scored highly enough to recommend was FlexPet w/ CM8™, and they earned our 5 Star Approval. Our runner up, Arthro-ionx, ran a distant second, but with reasonable ratings.

Flexpet w/ cm8

When contacted, we found the staff at FlexPet to be readily available by phone or by email, with a live voice offering pleasant response to our investigator’s’ various questions. Support calls and phone orders are taken by company employees during normal business hours, and they have 24/7 hour phone ordering via an outsource call center. Of course, sales via the Internet can be placed anytime.

They have been selling their non-prescription pet pain treatment product mainly via television, & radio for nearly 10 years, and for the last 18 months or so on the Internet. Their Internet Sales are via Secure Socket Encryption, so no personal information can be discerned by others, and they have a very strong Privacy Policy protecting the customers’ email address. Their Privacy Policy states that they never sell email address under any circumstances.

When we called directly, the company was very open about themselves and their product. We were even able to schedule an interview with the President on short notice. He speaks of his product with absolute pride, and after obtaining our assurance not to divulge them further, he provided contact information to several of the people who are featured as Video References on his web site. (More on this later.) When contacted, their references were actual, factual, pleasant and very enthusiastic about what FlexPet had done for their pets.

The lynchpin of FlexPet’s claims of effectiveness is CM8™, which is their trademarked derivative of cetyl meristoleate. According to the President of FlexPet, besides being exclusively trademarked, CM8™ is far too expensive for anyone else to use in their product, and CM8™ can be found exclusively in FlexPet. Like Glucosamine (which is also found in both FlexPet & Arthro-Ionx) CM8™ is also a man made component that offers the ultimate in pain relief for not only joint pain, but other osteoarthritic pains. Others cannot obtain it, and cannot afford it in their products, he claims. It was developed in the 60′s by Dr. Harry Diehl while working for the government at the National Institute for Health in Washington, DC. Even though CM8™ was clinically approved and proven effective, his discovery was pretty much "shelved" until it was "rediscovered" in an article in the March issue of the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. About 5 years later, the Flexcin International obtained the rights to the product, and FlexPet was born.

Although FlexPet has been in business very close to 10 years, we found no complaints of any nature, either resolved or unresolved, with any Better Business Bureau or any other regulatory agency.

Here’s what this means…
If your pets are suffering from pain, the last thing you need is to invest in a product that is not clinically approved, and does not or might not work. Offering clinical approval of a unique ingredient not available elsewhere, and from a company deemed reliable, & offering a money back guarantee, you really don’t have much to lose. When you look at the Industry as a whole, Flexcin rates out head and shoulders above the others.

Here are our findings, Key Point by Key Point:

Flexpet w/ Cm8™

  1. Length of time the product has been sold.–Ten full years is plenty of time to establish that a product works, and establish a company reputation.
  2. Verifiable References– Easy to find and all that we spoke tDog Arthritis Reliefo were legitimately enthusiastic about the benefits of Flexcin, had been using it for years, and each assured me they were not compensated for their endorsement.
  3. 5 Star Joint Pain Rating Customer Service – All emails were answered courteously in less than 24 hours and in a straightforward manner by the support desk. A live support person is always available by phone during normal business hours, and orders are accepted 24/7.
  4. 5 Star Joint Pain Rating Guarantee of Satisfaction – The company offers a "no questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee, by simply returning any unused portion to them.
  5. 5 Star Joint Pain Rating Privacy Protection –We signed up with a special apartment code in our address to track if they would pass our information to junk mail companies, but Flexcin passed this sneaky little test.

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  1. 3 Star Joint Pain RatingLength of time the product has been sold -According to Internet Sources and their website, this product has been around (at least on the web) since early 2007. Even though they have not been around long enough to verify its effectiveness, at least Arthrionx is scientifically formulated and manufactured using the best practices available and meet with current FDA standards. We’ll give them a star for each year in business.
  2. 2 Star Joint Pain Rating Verifiable References – They have a lot of references on their website, but when we called their Support Number, we were told they could not release any information, contact info or details about their references.Move Free Joint Pain Remedy
  3. 4 Star Joint Pain RatingCustomer Service -Contact via an email form, by an 800 number, or via Snailmail are all options offered. However, when called, Support Agents responded that they were not at liberty to give me the names of any of Management, or product references, or anyone we could speak to for answers to our questions. But at least they pick up the phone promptly, (most other companies didn’t even provde a phone number on their website) so let’s assume the service is good even if the co-operation isn’t.
  4. 1 Star Rating Guarantee of Satisfaction – According to their website, their Guarantee is a 90-day money back guarantee.
  5. 5 Star Joint Pain Rating Privacy Protection – Apparently not available on the shelves of any type of Retail Store at all, Artho-Ionx is sold exclusively online from their website. While most of their Privacy Policy is boilerplate, their Policy Statement admits that they may use your personal information to sell you third party products, and also they stop short of guaranteeing the security of your Personal Information. So with reservations, we’ll give them 5 Stars, but…..

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